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Life Science Newswire

A targeted news distribution service built specifically for life science companies

Reach the life science journalists and editors you need to target, with news they’ll find interesting, at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Plug into a media list built and managed by life science PR professionals with decades of experience, strong media relations and the most comprehensive database.

Send news items based on media interest areas and preferences of editorial teams. Target your distribution by sector, geography, language and news type to ensure the best results.

Access multi-media formats through print, online and social channels to get the widest possible coverage through industry publications and the life science newswire.

With a flat fee of just £500 to include distribution and reporting, there’s no retainers, set-up fees or lengthy contracts, just pay as you go.

Target every life science sector


The life science industry covers many niche segments. If you want to get noticed (and get coverage) you need to send a targeted release that is of interest to editors (and they will actually pay attention to). Without media experience, knowledge of the sector and an understanding of the needs of the editorial teams, this is a challenging task.

Using Life Science Newswire, you’ll target your press release to editors working in specific sectors and with special interest areas, working from a database of thousands of media contacts, covering a multitude of industries including:


  • Biotechnology and drug discovery
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Healthcare, medical devices and diagnostics
  • Lab tools, instruments and reagents
  • Food & beverage testing and production
  • Environmental testing, water analysis
  • Agrichem, veterinary medicine and many more…

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