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How can your press release reach thousands of qualified prospects, boost brand awareness and generate demand for your products and services?

The answer: The Life Science Newswire.

We help you target news editors and journalists to generate press coverage in high-profile life science publications… and all for low costs that are just “pay as you go” (no retainer fees).

Our press release distribution service will deliver your news to relevant publications to help raise awareness, grow your reach and build credibility with thousands of industry influencers, customers and prospects. We can also draft your press release if you need additional support here.

Unlike other generalist business or PR newswires, our specialist service was built by life science pros with media relationships spanning decades. The media listen to us and trust us. That’s why the Life Science Newswire achieves excellent coverage for every client, every time.

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Customer Testimonials

“The service achieved through the Life Science Newswire was timely, efficient, and extremely supportive . The team walked us through the process, step-by-step, for our first ever press release – which obtained great results. We are very happy with their service and will be using them again”

— Advanced BioMatrix

“Life Science Newswire is our first choice for news distribution. The team is professional, knowledgeable and have been a great support in helping us to distribute our releases, some in a short space of time, to targeted industry media resulting in coverage in key sector publications. The service they offer is simple, cost-effective and produces quality results”

— SPT LabTech

“Our news achieved good quality results with industry publications and it is now our preferred distribution service for news. Life Science Newswire has been the right choice for us, and we’ve been impressed by its simplicity and value for money given the results that we’ve achieved for a low fee”

— Pathios Theraputics

“I’m very happy with the service provided by Life Sciences Newswire. They are responsive, flexible and their team adds some great advice on our releases if needed. The post-release reporting gave great insight into the coverage. Highly recommendable”

— Sygnature Discovery

“Life Science Newswire has been great for targeting specific industry publications and reaching new audiences. The service is simple to use, efficient and good value”

— Digital Science

Why choose Life Science Newswire?

Get coverage in the life science publications that are most important to you, across the globe. 

Leverage a cost-effective approach to public and media relations. Simply pay as you go, with highly affordable fees.

 Customers who try us, love the exceptional results and return for the high-quality service we deliver. 

Pricing and Packages


We’ll distribute your press release to a targeted media list based on your unique requirements. This is how we get the best possible coverage.

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£250 / €300 / $350


Everything in Basic, plus we’ll provide a press release template, as well as review your copy to provide strategic input and a final QC check.

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£350 / €420 / $525


As Standard, plus our team will work closely with you to create and draft your press release.

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£660 / €795 / $925

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