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About the Life Science Newswire
What makes us different from other news distribution services?

Unlike many newswires, we email news directly into the inboxes of relevant industry publications and their editorial teams, achieving delivery rates close to 100%. In addition, we only engage with media that are relevant for your news – whether that be diagnostics, food quality testing, biopharmaceutical R&D etc., we are able to create bespoke lists that are tailored to your company and its news, which will help generate interest with editors at key industry publications. Because our database of media contacts is backed by industry relationships, not just names in a CRM, we are known as trusted partners and a valuable conduit for topical news and content.

Developed in 2019 by the Directors of BioStrata, a specialist life science marketing communications agency, the Life Science Newswire was created to serve customers requiring a niche service and was designed to enable small and large companies alike to access a targeted yet affordable pay-as-you-go service to fit a number of budgets and newsflow levels.

Pulling on the company’s sector-specific PR expertise, established editorial relationships and comprehensive media contact database, the Life Science Newswire provides incredible value and exceptional results.

Why do you only cover life science and healthcare?

This is a sector we know and love – our team includes founders of the life science marketing agency, BioStrata. The BioStrata and Life Science Newswire teams have decades of experience exclusively within life science and healthcare, combining lab bench experience beyond PhD level and commercial expertise in marketing communications. We are experts in our field with our team possessing solid in-depth scientific knowledge and understanding of the marketplace. It is this unique skill set that allows us to strategically support our clients to help them achieve their marketing communication and public relations goals.

Why use a news distribution service?

Building, managing, and nurturing a media database of contacts requires a large investment of money, time, energy, and resources. Developing a targeted list of contacts for specific niche areas and vertical markets in the sector adds another level of complexity, requiring specialist knowledge and extensive networks. As a newswire service dedicated to life sciences, our team create bespoke distribution lists for each and every release we receive, ensuring your news is delivered to the right places.

We also understand that time is of the essence when needing to push your news out to the world’s media. Using our service provides you with the flexibility of arranging the distribution of your press release to perfectly targeted and tailored media outlets quickly, allowing you to concentrate on your day-to-day business/marketing activities.

Sending your press release

Will you send to every publication on your list?

No, your press release is cross matched with our database and sent to only those news outlets that cover your specific news topic. This will include the broader laboratory press through to the more focused publications, such as GEN, Science, and Nature, if relevant. However, it is worth bearing in mind that journals such as Science and Nature are less likely to feature commercial news on their site, but press releases received could lead to interesting opportunities, nonetheless.

Can I see the list of publications my news will be sent to?

Unfortunately, no. Our media database is the property of BioStrata. As per our privacy policy, and to be fully compliant with GDPR regulations, all our contact information is safely stored and not shared outside of our organisation. 

How many contacts will be on the distribution list?

Each list we create is bespoke and will vary from release to release. The demographics of these depend on a variety of things, including:

  • How many sectors that relate directly to your release
  • Target geographical location of audience
  • Type of release, for example, product release, corporate, collaboration (certain publications in our media database cover only specific types of news).

How will my release be sent to the right sectors?

When you book your press release distribution with us, we will ask you to select the relevant sectors for your news from our list. This enables you to tell us everything about your press release, i.e., its news type, the geographical reach, and the sectors relevant to your release. This information feeds into our system to correctly pick out the right publications for your press release.


  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Biomanufacturing
  • Bioprocessing
  • Biotechnology
  • Clinical research & trials
  • Computing & technology
  • Corporate, financial & business news
  • Clinical, diagnostics & hospital laboratories
  • COVID-19
  • Drug discovery & development
  • Education, research, and libraries
  • Energy & environmental
  • Food & beverage
  • Forensics
  • General chemistry
  • General laboratory tools & consumables
  • Healthcare
  • Hospital management (covers facilities management)
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials science
  • Medical devices & medical technology
  • Microbiology & infection control
  • Microscopy & imaging
  • Nanotechnology
  • National and/or regional news
  • Omics & genetics
  • Pharma
  • Pharmacy
  • General science
  • Veterinary
  • Water

Do you recommend sending a release on a certain day?

Years of experience and discussions with our media partners have taught us that typically Tuesday – Thursday are the best days to distribute press releases. However, if your release is date-dependent, we will send it out as per your requirements.

We are aware of national holidays around the world and would advise you accordingly, recommending that you avoid these dates where possible.

How long does it take to send my release?

The length of time to prepare each press release distribution is dependent on the service you require, but as a guide this is what you can expect:

  • Basic distribution – our entry level distribution to a targeted media list — please allow 48 hours’ notice. If a next day service is required, a £100 surcharge will apply
  • Standard distribution — our team provides a full QC and strategic input on content structure ahead of distribution to help achieve the best results —please allow 72 hours
  • Pro distribution — our team work closely with you to draft your press release ahead of distributing to key media — please allow 10 working days

Can I add images to my release?

Yes, we highly recommend supplying a hi-resolution image with your press release as this is more favoured by our media partners and showcase the topic of your news. An image and company logo are included in our basic and standard packages. If you purchase the pro package two images plus your company logo are included, together with the opportunity to have an embedded video on our newsroom posting.

Accepted Image formats – hi-res jpeg or png files with a minimum 72dpi

Can I add a video to my release?

This service is only available with our pro package.

Will you proof read my release?

With our standard package, our team will review your press release to provide strategic input and a final QC to help boost results. Likewise, with our pro package, our team will be drafting your release and therefore will not need proofing.

Will you carry out quality control checks on my release?

Our team can if you wish provide QC checks, however, you will need to purchase our standard package to benefit from this service.

How will I know when my release was sent?

Once your planned distributed has been successfully completed, our team will send you a copy of your release by email.

Will I receive a report on the success of my press release send?

Yes, between 7-10 days following your original send date, the team will send you a report detailing any coverage as seen by Life Science Newswire. Each report contains your dashboard detailing the level of coverage together with a comprehensive list of all URLs to where your press release has been published.

Can you guarantee coverage?

Unfortunately, no newswire service can guarantee coverage. Whether press releases get published or not is at the discretion of the media, who will ultimately make a decision that is based on factors beyond our control, including:

  • How interesting the news is compared with other news received at the same time (which of course, varies considerably on a day-by-day basis)
  • How directly relevant the news is to their target audience
  • How readily available further information is for building out their story. In addition to being able to find relevant information online, this may also depend on the availability of spokespeople etc.
  • Publishing schedules, which sadly mean that sometimes it is a case of hitting the right inbox at just the right time in the week/month/quarter. 

What if I need help with writing my press release?

We understand that not everyone has a press release written and waiting to be sent. With help from our expert team, we offer a full press release writing service from liaising with you and your team to establish your exact requirements through to draft and distribution of your release. You can find out more information on this service here.

Do you provide additional editorial follow up opportunities?

Once your release has been sent, from time-to-time, we receive editorial offers from our media partners. These fall into two groups, such as:

  1. Earned editorial
    Editorial teams will reach out and offer a complimentary article/interview opportunity with a representative of your company. These offers are usually covered on their website and sometimes further promoted in their print/digital edition and/or newsletters, where applicable. Offers such as these are great opportunities to maximise awareness of your company and its news.
  2. Paid for inclusions
    Occasionally, editorial teams will send an offer of inclusion to be posted on their website in return for a small fee. Rest assured, you are not under any obligation to proceed with any offers if you do not wish to do so.

Invoicing, payment and offers

How much does your service cost?

  We have a variety of different packages available to suit your budget and needs from a single send, through to the more cost-effective multi send. For a full breakdown of each service, please visit our pricing page.

  • Basic distribution – our entry level distribution to a targeted media list. If a next day service is required, a £100 surcharge will apply.
  • Standard distribution – our team provides a full QC and strategic input on content structure ahead of distribution to help achieve the best results.
  • Pro distribution – our team work closely with you to draft your press release ahead of distributing to key media.

What currency will you invoice in?

We are proud to be able to offer invoicing in British pounds, USD dollars and Euros. 

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, by purchasing our package of six distributions, you will enjoy savings of at least £300. You then have 12 months from the date of your first distribution to use at your leisure.

Do you have any special offers?

We are happy to offer all clients using our service for the first time, a very generous introductory offer of 50% discount on any of our single send packages. Additionally, you can of course, take advantage of our bulk purchase package to receive further cost savings.

Do you accept online payments?

Yes, we accept payments via credit card and bank transfer (BACS). Full details of payment options can be found on your invoice which will be sent to you post-distribution.

When will I be invoiced?

Following the distribution of your first press release our team will invoice you for the package you have purchased.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are net 14 days.

Do I need to sign up to a contract?

No, our service is transparent and built to be flexible around you, meaning we do not have any hidden charges, no set-up fees, you simply pay as you go. 

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